SAVE THE DATE & MARK YOUR CALENDAR – Sunday March 18th, 2018

On Sunday March 18th, 2018, we will be blessing the historical Stations of the Cross at the 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Masses.
Join us in the Parish Hall after each blessing ceremony and meet with the project team for further updates on the restoration progress.
As we prepare for Holy Week and the influx of visitors to the Good Friday procession, we will be launching the Restoration Campaign and Commemorative and Memorial Opportunities brochure on Sunday March 18th.
We will be giving our parishioners a sneak preview of the many items that are available as commemorative and memorial opportunities for your intentions, special anniversaries and birthdays and remembering your dearly departed loved ones.
Donations will be recognized in the future Parish Hall for many years to come with a Donor Wall for those selflessly giving to the restoration of St. Francis of Assisi.
We thank you for your patience, prayers and support as we continue with the restoration work of our church. See you on Sunday March 18th, 2018.

St. Francis Restoration Progress Update
February, 2018

As we approach Holy Week, we would like to share our restoration progress update with our parish family.

We are pleased to report the following:

  • The slate roof is completed and the final inspection report has been received.
  • The interior painting of the side aisles, the vaulted ceiling, the sacristies and all other areas are now nearing completion within the nave of the church for the start of Holy Week.
  • The scaffolding in the Nave and Organ Gallery will start to be dismantled in the beginning of March, 2018, to have it scaffold-free for Holy Week celebrations. We will be moving the morning Mass into the work sacristy for a possible two week period. Stay tuned for more to come on when this will be occurring to ensure safety for our parishioners as we begin to dismantle the scaffolding.
  • The restoration of the original and beautiful transept paintings will be completed by March, 2018. We also documented and archived the original artistic paint and decorative scheme (stencils, etc.) throughout the church for future generations.
  • The Stations of the Cross are now in position. This historical set was salvaged from a Franciscan convent in Belgium and were made in 1870; mirroring in style and design what was previously present within the nave of the church from 1915 to 1968.
  • The sanctuary will continue to have scaffolding as we prepare for the restoration and re-installation of the East Window and the restoration of the Nincheri murals on either side. Roman stone frame sections for the restoration of the East Window will be arriving on site shortly. This restoration will be completed after Easter.
  • The removal and salvaging of the mosaic for future use was a great success. Each panel removed was approximately 6,000 pounds and placed into storage for future reassembly in the Parish Hall.
  • The Narthex, with the main front doors of the church, will have plaster restoration and painting completed before the start of Holy Week. The remaining entrances will be restored and finished in April, 2018 to avoid any disruption with Holy Week services.

Thank you for your patience and your continued prayerful support as we come to the restoration completion of this phase of the work.

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