Parish Restoration Update

As of Monday October, 31 2016, we have mobilized and are commencing the restoration work.  The architectural and construction team; +VG Architects and Buttcon Ltd. were awarded the restoration based on a Request for Proposal process for the design team; and their similar experience with St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica.  The restoration of St. Francis’ parish is facing similar challenges as the Cathedral.

Phase One – Securing the Building Envelope and Ceiling Repairs

The first phase of the work will be to address the building envelope that will include the ceiling repair and/or replacement.  You will begin to notice the scaffolding going up in both the upper level; and shoring for the scaffolding will also be seen in the lower level of the church.  Depending on the investigative findings once the scaffold platform is in place, the design team will determine whether or not we can repair or have to replace the ceiling.  Plans are underway for the roof replacement in early Spring 2017.  We will be returning the roof to its historical slate roof structure. This phase of work in the Spring of 2017 will include the exterior masonry restoration. Stay tuned for how you can sponsor a slate shingle to help restore the history of our parish.

As we commence shoring and the erection of the scaffolding, some of the pews will have to be removed, while scaffolding will adorn the church.  We will maintain daily operations through this process. We thank you for your continued patience and prayers as we proceed with the mobilization of the scaffolding. A timeframe for the completion of Phase One will be determined after the investigative testing for the ceiling repair and/or replacement is determined. The first phase will secure the building envelope.  Further Phase One updates will be provided to our parish family.

Master Interiors Parish Plan – Accessibility, Life Safety and Building Code Standards

As we commence with Phase One above, the design team is working on the master plan for the interiors restoration that will focus on the historical restoration of St. Francis including the painting of the repaired ceiling upon completion of its restoration. The interior painting scheme will be addressing both the upper and lower levels of the parish. We will be addressing the mechanical and electrical systems, the placement of an elevator to access the lower and upper levels, the heating and cooling systems and the necessary building code upgrades to our church. We will be planning for a modernized Parish Hall and accessible bathrooms to suit. The master plan will serve as the blueprint for next steps in the parish restoration to address accessibility, life safety and building code upgrades.

Master Interiors Plan Information Weekend – January, 2017

We look forward to sharing our Master Interiors Parish Plan to obtain your feedback as we move forward with the restoration of St. Francis.  Stay tuned for our Information Weekend early in the new year so we can share our plans and receive your feedback.

Heartfelt gratitude as we begin our restoration journey together…

Thank you for your continued support and patience; and most importantly your prayers, as we begin our construction journey together.

Carol Bragagnolo MHSc CHE

Angelus & Associates Ltd.

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