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  1. I have known father Albert during his time at St Anthony’s convent, at Ghajnsielem. He once visited our family as part of a pastoral visit in Qala. It is nice to know of his placing in Canada and wish him all the best.

  2. R.I.P Frank Roberto

  3. I grew up in Little Italy– and in my younger years I also sang for many years in the choir. I would like to know what artist is responsible for the Mosaic behind the Altar. — what is the artist’s name and the official name of the work of art.

    • Dear Elizabeth Spataro,

      As regards your enquiry on the mosaic… the work is entitled “The Canticle of the Sun.”

      The mosaic depicts Christ as the center of all creation and in its praise of God, thanks him for “Brother Fire” and “Sister Water”, etc… It was inspired by a work written by St. Francis also entitled Canticle of the Sun. It was written in Umbrian dialect of Italian which is believed to be among the fist works of literature written in the Italian language.

      The mosaic was designed and executed my Alex von Svoboda. Under Svoboda’s supervision, the mosaic was constructed by his artists in Florence, Italy and shipped to the Toronto, Canada in crates containing 1,100 sections, each made up 360 pieces per square foot.

      Its always nice to hear back from former parishioners.


      Mr. Ricardo Aleixo

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